Inland Anchor Woodworks

Rick Breininger

Wood Craftsman

I have been woodworking since I was a teenager.

My Dad taught me a lot growing up. I  took time off for a military career and several jobs afterwards.

I got back into woodworking in shed in the backyard, moved into a  rented garage and finally took the plunge and opened an official shop in 2022. 

My latest project

Bamboo Santa Cookie Tray

Just the special item for your child to set out for the jolly man on Christmas Eve.

Recent projects

Sequoia Table - 4' x 8'

This is still a work in progress. Expected to complete in late October 2023.

Harvested from Oregon. Originally 4" thick. I have my own jig to surface it. 

If you are interested in this, contact me.


"Woodworking is a skill set to be admired. Being able to take a customers idea and turn out a quality product is an elevated skill set that is invaluable. Rick, is a true craftsman who pays close attention to details. The difference between good and great is all in the details. I would absolutely refer anyone to Inland Woodworks." - Joshua Coursey, repeat customer